Pick Up Stix

Before I went to Pick Up Stix, I was walking from school to my car. I was feeling kind of hungry since I didn’t eat anything all day, so I decided I would go to that place that people have been talking about before. I was pretty uneasy with this place since it was known as  the place with heaving saucing and bad proportions. The only place that I go for rice is Panda Express, so I don’t know how I would feel about another type of rice at Pick Up Stix. I also saw on Google Maps that the place was quite squished in the corner of the shopping area, so it might feel not as inviting as it can be. Overall, Pick Up Stix did not give me a good first impression that I would prefer.

pickupstix-112111-2I felt something way different from the impression when I got there. When I arrived, it looked pretty small on the outside. The surrounding area looked empty but the door looked neat. I quickly stepped inside and was amazed. The inside did NOT look small at all. It was actually quite spacious than I had previously thought. The inside looked pretty neat and clean too. The vibe reminded me of Panda Express a lot with the table and chair layout and the kitchen. I looked at the menu and was flabbergasted at the prices. The prices were ridiculous. An entree was almost 10 dollars already! I ordered my food while cringing at the same time and waited for my food. It took a while for them to even get to me. A girl ordered after me and got her food before me. It seemed a little bit unfair that the lady prioritized that girl rather than me first. It’s not like I’m whining and complaining; it just didn’t seem fair. When I finally got my food, I waited for my mom to get out of the restroom so we could go home. When we finally got home, I dug into my food right away.

After I finished my bowl, I felt satisfied at first but then it went downhill after a few
scoops. The flavors were interesting the first bite since I have never tried anything like that before. The seasonings went well 313_menu_section_313_menu_section_egg-rolls_large_2_large_1together with the rice and the eggrolls I ordered. The sauce that covered the house special chicken was quite dense, so that was probably why I didn’t like it after a while. If the sauce was on a lighter side, I might’ve enjoyed it more than the one I ate. The rice did not taste good at all. The rice was on the really dry side and all I tasted was mush or some of the rice crumbled in my mouth. Rice is not supposed to do that at all. The only thing that I enjoyed a lot from the bowl was the eggrolls on the side. It had a perfect combination of vegetables, chicken, and seasoning that went well together and the wonton wrap did not crumble and fall everywhere like most eggrolls did. That made it a less of a hassle to clean for me which was a good thing for me.

I can’t even explain how I felt now about that place. Overall, that meal was a disaster for wpid-imag30221me. Even though that meal was a few days ago, I still wouldn’t order from that place ever again unless I chose another type of meat to try instead of the “house-special” chicken. After that meal, I felt like throwing up especially from that really thick and dense sauce. I felt so guilty eating it then and am still regretting it now. The rice had me terrified to try any other store related to Pick Up Stix since it tasted so cheap like. Even though the place looked nice and all, I wouldn’t step foot in that place for food. I felt like I gained ten pounds from eating that contraption. I have never felt such disgust for food ever in my life. Well, it is not as bad as fish in soup but it was still bad.

I believe that all the talk about how Pick Up Stix is so good is biased. I felt like the place pickup-stix-2was only a good place to go to when you pick certain foods over others. I might also be really biased and some people might even be obsessed with this place. I know I would be turning to home-cooking more than that place, but at least their food was a bit edible. It also seemed that nobody really went into that store since it looked empty most of the time, so what people say isn’t really what it is. If I was looking for a quick meal, I might turn to this place just for the eggrolls or the cream cheese wontons, but not for the chicken. However, I would only go here if I felt like spending a lot of money since their prices were off the roof. I prefer going to 7 leaves or Tastea over this place in my opinion. If I rated this restaurant, I would rate it as 3/10 for the food, 7/10 for the environment, and 8/10 for the service there. The service wasn’t that bad, but they couldn’t been more cheery instead of wanting to get out of there as soon as possible.


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