Kula Revolving Sushi Bar

history-2Before my trip to the Kula Revolving Sushi Bar, I visited the UCI grounds. UCI is my dream college that I strive to go to. UCI is a really huge university and felt very overwhelming to me. It took a while to get there and we had some parking troubles. We basically paid for parking for nothing since we could’ve entered some other parking area for free. When we got to the tour area to meet up with the tour guide, I got a glimpse of how the school environment was like. People were gathering everywhere eating and having fun while there were a few that were studying. The campus was pretty clean, spacious, and very organized. The only things that I thought was weird were the mascot and how the university didn’t have a football team. Anteaters aren’t really my kind of thing, but I really like the university overall. The people felt welcoming and the university felt really safe. The dorms were sort of too small and didn’t have AC, but that didn’t really matter to me since I would rent an apartment with some friends instead. Renting an apartment with my friends sounds more fun, independent and more spacious. Anyways, my group of friends and I  walked around the campus for about three hours (which was so tiring for my feet) and got no souvenirs. Everything in the stores weren’t even good and were also very expensive. After the campus and housing tours were over, we headed over to the Kula Revolving Sushi Bar and got seated right away.kula-revolving-sushi

When we got there, the store looked pretty neat from the outside. On the inside, the
restaurant looked pretty small sized but was decent enough. The ordering tablet was a pretty neat because we didn’t have to deal with ordering with waiters. It was basically an independent restaurant where you could grab things on the revolving table or individually order food on the tablet. The foods that I could remember that I ordered were the Real Crab California Roll, Golden Crunchy Roll,  Fried Takoyaki, Chicken Gyoza Dumpling, Crispy Rice with Crab Mayo, and NY Cheesecake. All of this food might seem a lot, but I didn’t eat all of them. I shared most of the portions with my friends at my table. Overall, all the sushis that I ate were really scrumptious. The flavors mixed very well together and had me wanting more. The only type of criticism that I had was that the portion size was a bit too small. The mayo on the sushis weren’t as dense as the other sushi places that I have been to and had much more seasoning. The food was only fresh when you individually order from the tablet instead of taking it from the revolving kula-revolving-sushi1table. The Crispy Rice with Crab Mayo was the best thing I had there. It had a small square of fried rice and a pile of crab on the top as well as an avocado slice. Eating them together allowed for each bite to have a crunch and a soft side  to it. For the Fried Takoyaki, I thought that it was okay. I don’t really like squid, so that was the downside of it. The potato ball part of it as well as the vegetables were good though. The Chicken Gyoza Dumplings were pretty crunchy and flavorful. I don’t really eat my dumplings fried, so this was a change for me. The crunch went well with the soft filling inside the dumpling. They went better with no sauce on it at all like the sesame oil and soy sauce they provided. Lastly, the NY Cheesecake was very flavorful and didn’t taste as dense as the cheesecakes I had from bakeries. There was the right amount of cream cheese and graham layer to it. The slice was pretty decent sized and I enjoyed it very much. For the environment and technology of the restaurant, I would rate them a 10/10 because it was really relaxing and interesting to be there. It was my first time going to this type of sushi bar. For the food, I would rate them a 9/10 because I didn’t really like the Takoyaki Balls as much and the size of the food was a bit too small.




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