A Great Homemade Meal

For today’s blog, I’m going to talk about the best place to get a meal. The most delicious and flavorful food award would go to my very own mom. It would seem that I go out a lot to eat, but I don’t because I prefer to eat my parents’ homemade meals since they are both healthy and more delicious than outside food. Today, my mom and dad made me fried taro cake bits with a soy sauce side. While I was finishing up my studies, my mom cut the huge taro cake up into bite size pieces so that it would be easier to eat. After cutting them up, my mom would pre-fry them and let them cool. My dad would then step in and take those bits and place them back into the pan. After the bits get a bit more crunchy, he would then add eggs FullSizeRenderinto the mix as well as green onion. He would then stir fry the whole thing until everything is cooked. He would then take large plates, scoop some of the food in, and try to fancy it up by randomly squirting Sriracha  everywhere. When I got my plate, I stabbed my fork into my meal and began to chew. When I took my first bite, a bunch of flavors exploded into my mouth. The taro went well with the crunchiness of the bits. The oil was only lightly applied and not too greasy at all. The green onions added the extra crunch and freshness to this dish. The eggs added the soft part of this dish as well as protein needed to make this a more fulfilling dish. The taro cake was really crunchy and satisfying on the outside and chewy on the inside, which I usually like in my food. Eating this reminds me of eating mini mochi bits that were fried.  If I were to rate this, this meal would be an absolute 10/ 10 and the service would be about a 9/10 since this meal took a while to make.

Regarding the blog-soya-saucesoy sauce, the sauce was pretty sweet in taste. My dad would mix soy sauce, garlic bits, and some sugar. This would allow for a sweet, garlic tasting sauce that went well with the fried taro cake with eggs and green onion. Since the taro cake is oily and sticky, the smoothness and silkiness of the soy sauce complemented the cake and enhanced the flavor even more. The sauce is so good that I would gulp it all up (not really since that would be bad for me). My dad would make a whole container full of this sauce that was more than enough for the taro cakes he cooked (which was a lot). All this food would typically last for a while for my family since they like to cook a lot and spread it out throughout the week or weeks, saving time and money at the same time. This dish would be considered my second favorite dish that I have ever eaten (My first being my mom’s Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup which is AMAZING!). If I were to rate this sauce, I would give this sauce a 10/10 and the whole meal as a whole a 11/10 for being so amazing. One day, my dad will teach me how to make this dish so that I can make this for myself everyday for the rest of my life.

d75af15c8cb163fa63a4fc7b9af3410fTaro cake was pretty confusing
for me to comprehend at first. Whenever I see the word “cake”, I think of the sweet pastries that are in bakeries. It turns out to just be a block of taro and other substances that are combined and meant to be either steamed or fried. In my opinion, I think frying is better than steaming, because the raw taro cake is pretty oily and slimy already, so steaming them would make them all soggy and gross. Frying them makes the slimy feeling go away and make the layer go crispy like a cracker. I haven’t really tried steamed taro cakes, so my judgment might be wrong and steamed could be good. This opinion is based on my experience with food and my point of view of how the food would look like. I really recommend trying this dish for the first time and for many more times. I hope you try it!



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