Kaju Restaurant

If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you’ll probably want to know is how wonderful this restaurant is. I really mean to emphasize WONDERFUL. I went here for my pre-birthday party (my birthday was the next day) with my friends Lauren, Kimberly, and Loan. We hopped onto an Uber to get here and we got a pretty chill guy. I don’t recall knowing his name, but he was one of those cool old grandpas. We all just started talking about school and about his life in the past. We found out he was about seventy eight years old and was in the army. How cool was it that we were in a car with a guy who fought in


World War 2??!! He started talking about colleges for a while and that had me worrying about my colleges and such. I mean, who really knows what college they are going to until the time to leave comes? I started to look around the car and I found out it was a white Cadillac. Cadillacs were too fancy for my taste but his car was welcoming for me. It wasn’t one of those messed up and old ones at all. The seats were leather and the back of the car was spacious. There wasn’t a mess at all and it didn’t have this awful distinct smell that other cars usually have. Well yeah, that happened for about ten more minutes until we arrived at our destination. We thanked the uber and went into the Kaju restaurant. The restaurant was quite big and there wasn’t much people there at that time. The store was wooded and was pretty clean compared to many restaurants I’ve been to before. We were going to wait for my other friend, but she ended not coming. When I looked at the menu, the food looked pretty appetizing (not because I was hungry). We ordered something called Bibimbap and two tofu soups. The waiter was nice and her Korean accent was

Tofu soups

strong. I wanted to get dumplings, but the restaurant’s dumplings didn’t seem appetizing at all. I started imagining for a second how dumplings were made. I love making dumplings at home with my mother last Christmas. We would get wontons and put our own secret stuffing in them then fry it. We would practically binge on all of the dumplings we made. Then, I started to think about if dumplings were living beings roaming around my house. I would clutch them all and imagine myself as King Kong just grabbing them by the handful and eating them all. The food finally came after a while and I took a taste test of all of the foods since I have never been here before. The Bibimbap was filled with vegetables , rice, beans, and others things. In my opinion, it was pretty good. However, he bowl had too much greens in it which made it boring to eat after a while. The tofu didn’t have that much taste towards it too. The tofu just tastes like a soy base with soup around it. I preferred the Bibimbap over the tofu soup. After paying the bill, we went into H-Mart

Photo vipins © 2013

and I got this cheesecake bread that was pretty cheap and my friend recommended it. When I tried it, the cheesecake was the most heavenly thing I ever ate. The bread was so soft that it melts in your mouth and the taste was really refined and sweet. I would buy a hundred more of them if I could. The bread was a little oval piece that wasn’t as filling since it was snack sized. The bread was a light color and was squishable. The bread was just so addicting. 

As for the ratings, I would rate the Kaju Restaurant about a 8/10 for their food and a 9/10 for their restaurant environment. Their service would probably be around a 7/10 since they were usually in the kitchen talking rather than taking orders, but they were nice whe they did take orders. As for the H-Mart cheesecake bread, I would give it about a 10/10 for everything.


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