Welcome back to my blog! Today, I will be reviewing a teahouse called 7 Leaves Café. When I first came here, I was with my friends on a hot day and we walked there from a close area. I was having a bad day after my tests and I just needed a relief from all the stress. After ten minutes,  we arrived and the teahouse looked pretty small in my opinion. There was a lengthy line, so we had to wait for a while until we could actually get the chance to order some drinks. I remember my first drink being a drink called Sunset Passion. Sunset Passion is sort of like a sweet, tangy orange juice. The drink contains some

Photo matchadippedbaguette 2013©

orange slices, berry pieces, and some of the seeds from the passion fruit to make the drink more authentic. Some other drinks that they have are Herbal Tea, Thai Tea, Taro Tea, and other types of drinks.  The environment of the teahouse felt very home and chilly to me. They have a good seating area where you can look out the window and enjoy your drink. Some other drinks that I have tried are Taro Tea, Herbal Tea, Strawberry Hibiscus Tea, and Mung Bean Tea. The drink that I like the most is Mung Bean Tea. The tea has this distinct flavor that reminds me of the mung bean treat I used to eat at Chinese New Years. The drink really does tastes like mung bean but only sweeter. The drink isn’t coarsey feeling like you would expect bean drinks to be. This tea is actually pretty blended out and has a smooth, milky feeling. The food there is quite expensive though. The food is quite small-sized, so it wasn’t worth the price. If I were to rate this place, I would rate 7 Leaves about a 10/10 for their drinks, 0/10 for their food, and about a 8/10 for the environment.


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