Buffalo Wild Wings

Photo Miller 2010© (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

       I’ve never been sure if Buffalo Wild Wings was good. I would randomly walk by the restaurant on my way to watch a movie at Bella Terra and glance inside. The restaurant would look empty most of the time. Some people w0uld walk in at some times, but overall, it isn’t as packed. The only time that I remembered that the restaurant was packed was at late afternoon or nighttime. Also, I am not really a fan of wings. From the past times that I have tried wings, they were most of the time dry, flavorless, and just plain horrible. My parents have tried making it before, but the wings still turned out disgusting. It’s probably just me being picky because my sister seemed to like all the wings that I have tried. Plus, from what I heard, Buffalo Wild Wings was considered to be kind of expensive which, to me, is a factor deciding if I should eat something or not. I wouldn’t spend at most 20 dollars just to get food that I can make at home for a cheaper price. Even though there is a variety of food in the menu, it isn’t worth spending that much unless the food there is phenomenal.


But I’ve always suspected it was good since people have been recommended it. On social media like Instagram, the pictures of the food they had looked pretty decent. People have been tagging their acquaintances and sending positive feedback. The environment looked lively and bright, which drove me to go and try the food. Even though it looked all staged, I still wanted to go. On yelp, they had good ratings and bad ratings, so it made me conflicted if I should really go or not. People shouldn’t really depend on these ratings, but it’s nice to get other people’s feedback now and then. The ratings help me get a better view on what it is like in the restaurant and if it was worth going. If there was an overwhelming number of negative ratings and barely any positive reviews, then they are trying to actually tell people like me that I shouldn’t go. If there was a significant number of positive reviews, then I know the negative reviews are from people who really are critics or just plain hating on the restaurant. I asked my friend one day and she said it was pretty good there and didn’t know why people hated that place. She said that the place felt clean and the service was pretty nice. From that, I decided I would go there one day.

Photo Cascadian Farm 2011©(CC BY-NC 2.0)

Once I experienced the food they had, it turned out to be good. I went on a friend’s birthday party one day and I was pretty nervous if the food was good or not. Once we entered the restaurant, the air felt lively with music blasting and the lady that greeted us at the door was nice. When we got to our table, the booth was pretty comfy and was not sticky like I thought it was going to be. The food took a while to come since we ordered like 10 items since the party was big. When I tried the Asian Zheng wings and the artichoke

Photo Navarrd 2010©(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

dip, they were delicious. The wings had this taste like orange chicken, which I love to eat. The only difference is that there was this spike of spiciness that followed and subsided. The artichoke dip was not what I expected it to be. I thought it was going to be gross since I don’t really like artichoke, but when I tried it, it had this indescribable flavor that went well with celery sticks and pita chips. Compared to other places, this place has better food. For example, Popeyes has chicken that is either too oily or too dry. In Buffalo Wild Wings, the chicken wings are tender, flavorful, and delicious.

This made me think that artichoke dip and wings aren’t actually bad. The most terrible experience that I had with wings was when I went to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese when I was about nine years old. When I took a bite of the wings, it immediately tasted sour and so wrong. It was like they didn’t cook it all the way and didn’t do anything to the wings but fry them. I had a vomit attack after that and my stomach was aching the rest of the day. That was when I decided that wings were disgusting and shouldn’t be eaten. Besides, I don’t really eat them. My mom wouldn’t dare spend money on that nonsense since it was bad for my health with all the fat. I would rather spend my money on orange chicken or some macarons. The only fatty food that I would actually eat it is fried rice since it has nutrients that are more essential unlike wings. by trying the food at this restaurant, I gained a new experience. If you’ve been updated on my blog, you should know that I like going to new places to try food that seem pretty good. Trying new foods is like a hobby that I’ve obtained over the years and I really enjoy what the world has to offer.

Photo Mozart 2014©(CC BY 2.0)

I realized that I liked this restaurant, would come back, and would recommend this place to anyone. I liked it because they had tasty food. They surpassed my expectations and changed my mind about wings being bad. Not only did they have good food, they also had good service.

Photo Velasquez 2013©(CC BY-ND 2.0)

They were patient with everyone and had smiles on their faces. The restaurant had a good setting, mood, and display of decorations. It was welcoming and inviting to anyone who stepped inside. If I were to choose a store to get wings, I would definitely choose to go here again like for a party or just for fun. I would rate this store a high 10/10 and would recommend this place to other people. This was definitely a good experience that I have gone through and was happy I got to try another new place to eat.


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