Go Goo Ryeo KBBQ


It has been a while since I last posted on this blog. I want to tell you about my time at a place called Go Goo Ryeo KBBQ. Before I went to the KBBQ place, I signed up to get my chance at the knowledge test for my driving permit. They closed before I could actually take it, so I decided to go the next day. When my dad and I got to the KBBQ place, the store was pretty empty since they were only busy at night. We were greeted by some nice Korean ladies who directed us to our seats. They handed us the menu, and we ordered the meat right away. The meat took a while to cook on the grill, but once it was finished, we dug right into the meat, some rice, and some kimchi. The servers then came by with our other orders and started cooking it for us. The meat that I really recommend is the bulgogi or brisket, because they are well seasoned and very flavorful. The servers were also considerate when they went around once in a while to change out our grill and to take away the dishes that weren’t used. They would also come by and ask if we wanted anything else. These were all factors that I’ve never seen in other KBBQ places where we had to raise our hands constantly and wait for them to come by for a long time. After we finished eating, they brought the bill over along with ice cream for us to eat. I have never encountered a KBBQ place that gave you ice cream after, so it was the highlight of my night.  I would recommend this place to anyone if they wanted to have the best KBBQ experience, but the all-you-can-eat price is sort of high for each person: $18.99. I would rate the food to be an absolute 10/10 (especially the kimchi) and the service to be 10/10.


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