Tastea Stuff!


This week was a little in the blues. Days just passed by like any other day until I finally got to Friday. I felt such a relief when that day came. Even through the tests and quizzes, nothing affected my day negatively. I was looking forward until fifth period was over so that I was free from stress. As my mom drove down the road to home, I thought to myself, “I should go try Tastea (a tea/smoothie store) since my friend has been recommending it to me for a while.” I then told my mom to head in the direction of Tastea and about 10 minutes later, we arrived at the store.  I entered the building which was quite small but inviting. The line seemed long at first, but I was at the cashier after a few minutes. I ordered a Peach Me Sweettea with honey boba and french fries. I had to wait a while for the fries, but I got my drink really fast. After getting my food, I then went back home and got ready to try the food and drink. The fries consisted of potato fries and some secret powder surrounding the fries. The powder tasted like spicy ramen noodle soup powder you would get in instant noodles. After a while, the flavor died down a bit and the fries tasted better. As for my tea, that was the highlight of my order. When I took a sip of it,  the drink bursted with flavor. The drink tasted just like peach and strawberries mixed together. The strawberry pieces were sugared before they were placed in and the boba was honey glazed beforehand. The drink and the pieces combined really went well together. For the fries, I would rate it about an 8/10 and for the drink, I would rate it a full 10/10. I would recommend this place for everyone, but this place is sort of pricey. The fries cost about 6 dollars, and the drink costs about 4 dollars. I then ended my day with homework and some Netflix shows.




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