Holiday Starbucks

Today I will be talking about another work of art  other than food this time: Starbucks. Some people might say that Starbucks is a “typical white thing to get” or that it is not good for you every time, but to me, Starbucks is inspiring to me. What is interesting to me is how half and half milk and teas go well together and how regular milk doesn’t go well with tea at all. Putting syrups in espresso as well as tea makes Starbucks so different from other types of drinks. This drink-making process is not as easy as it sounds for people who work at Starbucks. They have to memorize many recipes, accommodate to add-ins and changes, and get things done quickly. Now, I’m not overexaggerating that these workers are miracle workers that will change the world. I’m just saying how unique and diverse Starbucks is and shouldn’t be used as a stereotype. Well, enough of that.

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I’m going to talk about Starbuck’s seasonal pumpkin spice latte. After I ordered my drink on mobile and picked it up, I tried it and the drink, in my opinion, tasted a little bit too strong on the pumpkin syrup. The syrup didn’t bother me at all though and made the drink more flavorful. The espresso in there was light but noticeable and the vanilla that I added didn’t really do much. The only thing it did was add fifty cents to my bill. If I were to dial down the pumpkin syrup to about 2-3 pumps instead of 4, then this drink would be a little bit lighter and better. After a few hours, the drink got lighter because the ice watered down, which was the only good time ice was good in a Starbucks drink. From one to ten, I would give the pumpkin spice latte drink about an eight. The drink successfully kept me awake the whole day and made my day a lot better than without it. This latte made me start craving more Starbucks drinks on my way home from school. I would recommend this drink to people even though my rating was an 8/10. This is a seasonal drink so get it now!


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