benedict_cumberbatch_as_doctor_strangeWelcome to my new blog! Well today, I will  be talking about my food experience yesterday on 11/11/16 (Veteran’s Day). I went to Bella Terra and watched Doctor Strange with my friends. I’m not going to spoil, but that movie was epic. The graphics were amazing, and the story plot was serious yet hilarious at the same time. After two hours, we headed out of the movie theaters and went to a sushi place called Kabuki. We went into the restaurant and they immediately directed us to our table.  We then decided on our order and waited for the waitress to come. When they took our orders, everyone got their food 20-30 min before mine, which was ridiculous. The lesson I learned from this place is to never order the beef bun ever again. I always used to order the California Tempura Roll, but I decided to go try something different. When I finally got the bun after everyone basically finished, I thought the bun was too filled with ketchup and mayonnaise. The beef was, in my opinion, a little bit too dry for me. The only good thing in the meal was the side dish of pickled vegetables and some mayonnaise on it. In the bun, the salad and the bun were the only good things in that area. The bun was soft and good and the salad was not too squishy and not too hard for this meal. This was happy hour, so I got this meal for 5 dollars instead of 6 dollars. As for my overall evaluation, this meal made my rating go from a 5/5 to a 3/5. The waitress was friendly and all, but she kept forgetting about us and didn’t pass by us as much. After leaving, I went to Starbucks nearby and ordered a creme brulee latte for me to drink. For me, this drink was a little bit too strong, so I had to put some vanilla flavoring in it so that it would taste more smooth and sweeter. Even though I had to do that, I would still drink this drink without the vanilla since it was good. I would drink this during the finals and whenever I feel like it and I would give this drink a 5/5.



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