Hello and welcome back to my blog! For this blog post, I will be talking about the one craving I had satisfied this week: Costco ribs. I know it might sound low quality and really weird, but for me, it’s flavorful if you rub some barbecue sauce on it and place it the oven for a bit. Once I prepared my ribs, they tasted AMAZING. No matter how many comments one could say about the ribs or me, it wouldn’t matter because it’s in my opinion. Some people can like one thing and another person can like another. Like my sister, she doesn’t feel the same passion for ribs like I do and she has a greater passion for chocolate. One might say that I have an obsession with ribs, but ribs are actually below my top 5 favorite foods that I have ever tasted. Whenever I eat the ribs, the meat has this tender and juicy feeling to it while having the taste of barbecue sauce with some of the natural meat flavors. From 1 to 5, I would rate these ribs to be about a 3.7. I know 3.7 might sound like a too specific rating, but I feel as if the ribs aren’t exactly a 4 but better than a 3.5, so I chose around 3.7. The only negative thing I could say about these ribs is that it might get a little greasy and oily for your fingers after a while, so I recommend people to squeeze out the oils before placing the barbecue sauce and in the oven. To spice things up a bit, one can also eat the meat with salad or sprinkle some peppers and their own spices to the mix. To end this post, I would like to end with a high note: don’t be scared to try new things. It might sound clique and cheesy but it is true. You never know that delicious and cool things are out there waiting for you to enjoy with family and friends. Don’t worry about what others think; just be you.

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