Weekend Critic Buzz

If you survived to this point of my blog, then welcome back! I’m here to tell you about my experience on Saturday, October 15th. My friend invited me to go to the movies and Kbbq. I went to go watch Miss Peregrine’s Home for


Peculiar Children. I’m not going to spoil it here, but I will say that it was a pretty interesting movie. The beginning was slow but, from the middle to the end, it got intense and really good. Out of 5, I would give it a 4/5 even though online ratings say otherwise. After that, we went on a bus to get to the Kbbq place called Red Castle. It took a while to get there since the bus had to stop at many bus stops. When we got to our bus stop, we had to go on a little walk before we got to Red Castle. My friend and I ordered mainly chicken, brisket, and a lot of rice and rice paper. In my opinion, I think that the service is not as great since my friend’s order kept getting forgotten and I had to go and remind them of it again. They would then forget again and my friend got irritated. After a third time, we got what we wanted and ate the food. The brisket took a while to cook, and when I ate it, it was decent, but eating it with their sweet soy sauce made it more flavorful. The meat was tender when you cooked it just right. The menu there was quite peculiar if I must say. The rice paper really complimented the meat. None of us really touched the salad since it was drowned in salad dressing and the tables were sort of sticky but clean in a way.Image result for brisket kbbq

I prefer to eat at Gen, another Kbbq place that has more flavorful meats and WAY better service, not to mention the better lighting and cleaner restaurant. I’m not really criticizing Red Castle, but it is in need of some improvement. If I were to go again, then I would with my family since the restaurant has a fair price attached to it. I might even go again this weekend to tell you the truth. The rating I would give this place would be around 2-3/5. Well,  this is it for this blog post. Hope to see you on the next one!


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